Who We Are?

The Wine Noire Story

The Wine Noire LLC was established in September 2017 to offer the wine industry a holistic, equitable, and sustainable approach to wine solutions for Women Winemakers and Winemakers Of Color.

Women and People of Color will be the majority purchasing power in the next decade and the wine industry needs to catch up. With our social mission and integrated approach to the wine industry, we will make sure that Women Wine Producers and Wine Producers Of Color in the United States and internationally will get their piece of the global economic pie.

Alicia Maria Kidd

CEO of The Wine Noire

Our Mission

We aim to offer equitable and sustainable supply chain and logistic services to Women Winemakers and Winemakers Of Color.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to bring a holistic and cooperative model to the wine industry. Bringing a holistic approach means to provide the best-integrated solutions to our winemakers and offering the best sustainable and bio-dynamic wines to customers.